For your convenience, our most common  questions are answered right here.


Q: What is Winter Watch?

A:  Winter Watch is a service, where a licensed, insured professional visits your vacant home or property on a regular basis until your return.  Typically visits are monthly or bi-monthly, with the purpose of assuring all is well, that there are no frozen pipes, pests, fallen trees, roof breaches or other areas of concern.


Q: Who is Vacation Rental Authority Inc?

A: Vacation Rental Authority is Kootenai County’s largest local vacation rental management company,  with responsibility for more than 60 furnished homes on 4 local lakes, the Spokane River, and throughout downtown CDA.  We provide Winter Watch services to any vacant home or property (not just vacation rentals)!  Visit us at 10th and Sherman Ave, call anytime, or check out our website at for more information.


Q: How much does the Winter Watch program cost?

A:  The standard Winter Watch program is $50/month, which includes a monthly visit, plus priority contractor and vendor services throughout the season.  Some homeowners choose to have their home visited twice monthly for $100/month.  Automatic storm visits within 24 hours are conducted for each enlisted property for an additional $50/visit.


Q: Are there a minimum number of months?

A:  Yes, we require a 3 month minimum.  Most homeowners choose 5-7 months of service annually, making the total investment to proactively protect your vacant home only $150 – $350/year.


Q: What happens if you find an area of concern?

A: Should your Property Care professional notice any area of concern, you will be personally notified immediately.  We will explain the situation, provide photos, and recommend a course of action.  Our volume allows priority access through Vacation Rental Authority to vendors and contractors throughout the area, so at your request we can quickly take care of any issues at a highly competitive rate.


Q: Does it make financial sense to participate in Winter Watch?

A:  Absolutely.  Our Property Care Specialists have saved homeowners like you hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, simply by being immediately available to both find and fix concerns.  Secondary damage is such a risk, in fact, that your insurance may be negatively effected without someone like Vacation Rental Authority to keep a regular eye on your property.  (See


Q: What if there is a storm?

A:  We are committed to arrive on site for a full property review within 24 hours of each snow storm, wind storm or otherwise relevant event.  You will receive an “all clear,” or notice of any areas of concern.  Although it is very difficult to get contractors in our area after these events because they instantly become super-busy, Vacation Rental Authority receives priority access and can dramatically speed up your recovery time when needed.


Q: What other services are available?

A:  Vacation Rental Authority Inc. cares for dozens of vacant lake homes each Winter, allowing us the scale to professionally care for your second home as well.  Whether you are interested in winterization, summerization, yard care, Spring or Fall clean-up, or housekeeping, we have Property Care Specialists ready to help.  Contact Cori for questions on these services at


Q: What if my house is for sale?

A:  Many homes on our Winter Watch program are for sale.  Clients and their Realtors appreciate someone looking for storm damage or areas of concern prior to showings.  Snow removal and housekeeping touch-ups are also available to assist with the timely sale of your property.